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Welcome to, the home of the U.S. Federal statistical system. brings together important information about our interwoven Federal statistical system, including our members, priorities, and activities across the Federal Government.

"Our Nation’s future, and the ability to serve our citizens equitably and effectively, requires high quality, useful, and objective information for decision-making across the public and private sectors. The Federal statistical system is key to generating this trusted information."
– Dr. Karin Orvis, Chief Statistician of the United States
  • On September 27, 2023, OMB published the 2024 schedule of release dates for Principal Federal Economic Indicators. For more information on this and OMB Statistical Policy Directive No. 3, see the Policies page.
  • On August 25, 2023, OMB issued a Federal Register Notice of Solicitation of Comments on a proposal to modify one provision of OMB Statistical Policy Directive No. 3 to allow Executive Branch employees to comment publicly on Principal Federal Economic Indicator data thirty minutes after the official data release time, which would replace the current wait of one hour. Public input is important and needed to help inform OMB’s final determination. Comments are due by October 24, 2023, and can be submitted on under Docket ID “OMB-2023-0016”.
The Federal statistical system is guided by specific laws, policies, and guidance. These are foundational for the key responsibilities of the Office of the Chief Statistician of the United States; statistical agencies, units, and programs; Statistical Officials; and agencies across the Federal Government.
The Federal statistical system collaborates on development of periodic and one-time products to promote understanding of its initiatives, priorities, budgets, and activities.
For questions about or assistance with completing a federal survey, connect with the federal agency conducting or sponsoring the survey. Click here to learn about the statistical agencies. Approved federal surveys are issued an official OMB control number, which must be visible on survey forms, or available by asking the interviewer.
Federal law requires agencies to have public inventories of data sets. Many are also listed on the federal government’s data catalog. To discover available data sets and apply for access to restricted and confidential data for evidence building, visit the Federal statistical system’s Standard Application Process and its growing data catalog.